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How to Cut an Onion without Crying

How to Cut an Onion Without Crying

My eyes are very sensitive to onions. When you cook nearly all of your meals from scratch–many of which include onions–this can be a big problem. Since I started following this one tip, though, onions no longer make me cry. Want to learn how to cut an onion without crying?


Have you heard of these? My mom bought them for me eight years ago as a joke, but they really work! I use them EVERY time I cut an onion. No more tears or pain. I own this pair and I love them soooooo much.

I’m sure it sounds like a weird concept, and yes they look a little silly. But that is totally worth it in order to avoid the pain and crying that used to happen to me every time I would cut onions.

How to Cut an Onion Without Crying

My pair has received regular use for the last eight years and they are still going strong. They look a little worse for wear, thanks to a former baby-turned-toddler who gnawed on them a couple times, but they still work. 🙂 When they do finally bite the dust, I will replace them in a second. We try to keep our home paired down to those things that we really need, and onion goggles are definitely on that list for me.

What about you–do onions make you cry? Got any easy tips to share?

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Learn to Eat Real Food–Stress-free

Processed Free Where are you in your real food journey? Perhaps you’re a seasoned expert–or perhaps you’re just getting started. Maybe you’ve learned a lot, but are feeling overwhelmed because it all just seems too complicated.

I have got a great new resource for you.

Robin Konie (of the great blog Thank Your Body) has just released her newest e-book: Processed Free. Processed Free is a wonderful guide to eating real food–without letting it completely take over your life.

I Wish I’d Read Processed Free at the Beginning of My Real Food Journey

I so wish that Processed Free had been available back when I first started learning about real food back in 2009.…

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Real Foodies/Natural Living Enthusiasts in Your Life

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If not, have I got some ideas for you! Here’s a great list of gift ideas for the real foodies and natural living enthusiasts in your life. This is making me wish I had more of these type of people on my shopping list—then I’d actually know what to get everyone this year! Unfortunately, my dad does not go in for things like chocolate molds and glass containers. 🙂

Rösle Garlic Press

I absolutely love my Rösle garlic press. If you’ve used many garlic presses, you’ve probably noticed that most have a serious flaw: after you press the garlic, much of it gets stuck down around the prongs of the press and is nearly impossible to remove.…

Real Food Link Love: October 2012

Welcome to my monthly link love post, in which I share posts from other real food bloggers that I enjoyed over the last month. If you’ve come across any wonderful posts yourself, please do share them in the comments—there’s so much good stuff out there that I just can’t keep up with all of it on my own!

I’m so happy it’s butternut squash season here in Colorado. I usually roast butternut squash in my oven, but this crock pot butternut squash recipe looks like a great alternative for when you’re busy or need to use your oven for something else.…

Two Month Container Garden Update

It’s time for another garden update! Let me start out by showing a few older pictures. Here’s the bulk of our container garden right after we transplanted everything two months ago:

Container garden right after transplanting

Here’s that same setup one month ago:

Container garden after one month

And here’s what it looks like now:

Container garden after two months

We’ve moved most things out of this arrangement recently, to maximize sun exposure, but I moved it back temporarily to give a better comparison with the first two pictures. Even with the rearranging, I had trouble fitting everything into the picture (I couldn’t back up enough on our small balcony!) but you get the general idea.…