CSA Box: Week 5

I have a lot of personal stuff on my plate right now so don’t have time to write a lengthy post, but I wanted to at least update on what we got in our share last week. Pictured above is: one bunch parsley, one bunch cilantro, one large bunch spinach, one small bunch chard, one bunch radishes, three heads romaine lettuce, two zucchini, one bunch beets, one bag rhubarb, a few garlic scapes, and a bag of dried beans.

I guess we’re making up for lost time with all that lettuce. We ate a lot of salads last week but we still have more than a head left! Luckily romaine is one of my favorite types of lettuce so I’m not fussed about having extra.

This was our first chard of the season. I normally don’t particularly like chard, but given all of my newfound spinach experience I decided to just substitute chard into my standard sautéed spinach recipe. Since it was such a small bunch, I even picked and added some of the chard growing on our balcony. The dish came out quite well! I did just discard the stems, though, because they were so much tougher than the leaves and I didn’t think to add them earlier. Next time I’ll experiment with cooking them at the same time as the green onions, garlic scapes and mushrooms.

I’ve used up about half of the cilantro and parsley. They’re both getting pretty wilted at this point. I should freeze or dry them but I just don’t think I have the time right now. I will try preserving future bunches sometime in the future – since I’m sure we won’t have any shortage as the season continues.

I’ve been roasting some of the beets and saving some others for beet kvass. My last batch of beet kvass turned really thick and syrupy in the fridge and I’m looking forward to making more soon. This last batch was a lot different than others I’ve made but I ended up really liking it.

I always buy a lot of zucchini at the store so using up the store in our share was no trouble. I like zucchini for zucchini noodles or sautéed with onion and Italian spices.

I haven’t dealt with the radishes yet but I think I’m going to ferment them again. The other day I tasted my first batch of fermented radishes, which ended up being a bit too garlicky for me, so I think this time I may just do them in a plain brine. Jesse thought the first batch of radishes were quite good, although he added the caveat “for a fermented vegetable.” 🙂

What’s in season where you live?


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