CSA Box: Week 8

After remarking upon how small last week’s share seemed, I was pleasantly surprised by all the bounty that arrived this week. Check out our haul! We got a huge bunch of green chard, three heads of butter lettuce, two bunches of candy stripe beets, one bunch radishes, one bunch kale, two zucchini, one bunch cilantro, green onions, garlic scapes, and a bag of green beans.

Nearly all of the food has been eaten at this point. What’s left is about a head of lettuce, which I’ll use for a salad for night’s dinner, as well as some of the cilantro, most of which will probably also be going into tonight’s dinner. It’s good that we’re picking up our next share today because we are just about out of vegetables!

Receiving our first green beans of the year was very exciting. We cooked them the very night that we picked them up. I usually keep things simple when it comes to green beans so I just steamed them and topped with butter. Delicious! We often buy frozen green beans from Costco because they have organic for quite a good price, but these fresh green beans are so much tastier.

I haven’t gotten up the nerve to try the fermented radishes yet, so I decided to roast this week’s radishes. The results were…okay. Not bad, not good, just sort of blah. Blah is definitely an upgrade on raw radishes, though, so I’m considering it a success. Roasting also proved to be a great way to use up an entire bunch of radishes in one meal. There weren’t even enough radishes to make a whole vegetable side dish for the two of us, so I decided to throw in some carrots to roast as well. That ended up being a doubly good idea, because the roasted carrots, which always come out tasty, were a welcome burst of flavor next to the blah radishes. It was really nice to get all of the radishes out of the way in one go, rather than eating a bit at a time and suffering through them all week.

I sautéed the chard with green onions, garlic scapes and mushrooms. Neither Jesse nor I thought it was very good, which brought me back to the fact that I just don’t really like chard that much, at least not in the ways I’ve cooked it in the past. Does anyone have any great chard recipes? We always get a ton of it every year and it would be nice to actually enjoy eating it.

No problems using up the zucchini, of course—they went into one of the many onion zucchini sautés I made over the week. They go great with our Swedish meatballs, probably because the meatballs often taste a little dry so it’s nice to have something soft and oily with every bite.

Since I made so much beet kvass last week, I just roasted the beets with some carrots. I don’t think the candy stripe beets taste as good as typical red beets but they still came out quite well.

I used the kale to make my first batch of kale chips this season. I don’t usually care much for kale (except in a great sausage kale potato soup that I can’t eat on GAPS) but kale chips are an exception. They turn tough, difficult to chew kale into crunchy deliciousness! I will definitely be making more as we get more kale throughout the season.

I’m still sailing through with green onions and garlic scapes. Like I said before, I now like both so much that I will be sad when they’re done for the year!

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What vegetables will you be sad to see the end of for the year?


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6 Responses to CSA Box: Week 8

  1. Chard is actually one of my favorite green veggies to cook! You’ve inspired me to post my recipe on my blog. I’ll send you the link when it’s up!

  2. Janis says:

    Too bad you’re not doing eggs. I like chard & eggs – in fritatta, poached eggs on sauteed chard, or just a fried egg on a pile of steamed greens. (Jesse might be able to get behind one of those ideas.) Or just a finely-sliced leaf or two in soup is good.

  3. Sam says:

    I agree with Janet, chard is great with eggs. I also like it sauteed with onions, chickpeas and spices (but GAPS=no beans, right? Maybe chicken…?) I also like making chard and caramelized onion tacos or putting it on pizza. I think the key to cooking chard well is seasoning–salt and lemon juice. I find that if I don’t add some sort of citrus, it tastes really bitter, but the citrus brightens everything up a bit.

    Thanks for sharing with the Fresh Foods Blog Hop!

  4. i’m with you on the radish thing – roasting them is interesting but then that’s about it. i often use my mandolin and slice them really thinly and then chuck em in an egg scramble of sorts. i do the same with my kale chips and just crumple em right in there. 🙂

    chard: i LOVE it (and any other leafy green i’m not sure what to do with thank you vry much CSA) in mac and cheese. if i’m unsure, i shove it in cheesy pasta and it’s all good. haha. the other option is to do a vegetable bake and stick it in there.

    i’ve loved reading what you got in your csa! thank you for linking up with us at the Wednesday Fresh Foods Blog Hop – I hope to see you back again this week with another seasonal post 🙂 xo, kristy.

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