My Awesome Garlic Press

I love kitchen tools that make my life easier. It’s the reason I have a dehydrator, a Vitamix, a food processor, onion goggles and many other gadgets. Today I want to share about one of my favorite tools: my awesome Rösle garlic press. I love my garlic press.

If you’ve used many garlic presses, you’ve probably noticed that most have a serious flaw. After you press the garlic, much of it gets stuck down around the prongs of the press and is nearly impossible to remove. This same obstacle translates into a very difficult cleaning experience when it’s time to wash the press. By the time I’m done using these types of garlic presses I usually decide that I’d probably have been better off just chopping the garlic by hand.

The Rösle garlic press, however, transcends all of the aforementioned problems because you press the garlic against a flat panel. This section swings out of the press so that you can easily scrape all of the pressed garlic into your recipe. Naturally this also means that the garlic press is extremely easy to clean. (Maybe this sort of thing isn’t as big of an issue for you, but I hate gadgets that are hard to wash.) We cook with garlic a lot so it’s important to me that the process is as hassle-free as possible.

Now, the price is probably quite a bit higher than most garlic presses, but in my opinion it’s completely worth it. I can press garlic much faster than I can chop by hand and the garlic comes out much more finely minced than I could ever achieve with a knife. My tongue is also very sensitive to spicy things so I really prefer my garlic to be pressed rather than in small chunks.

While I can’t speak from personal experience yet, it also just seems like this press is built to last. I’ve had mine for three years now and haven’t had any problems with it. I’m pretty sure that my mom has had hers even longer. In the interest of reducing the waste we generate, I prefer buying gadgets and appliances that are high-quality enough to last for many years and I think that this press fits well with that ideal.

What are your favorite kitchen tools? I have some Christmas/birthday gift money that I’m not sure how to spend – any ideas what I should get?


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  1. Cheryl says:

    Meghan, I am so glad you like your garlic press. Yes, I received mine as a gift more than 15 years ago and it still functions and looks brand new.

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