Our CSA Box: Week 2

Above is our CSA haul from week two. We got: cilantro, parsley, beets, green onions, two bags of spinach, two bags of rhubarb, green garlic, garlic scapes, and snow peas.

Last Week’s Recap

First off, thanks to everyone who commented with suggestions on my CSA post last week. I will definitely be keeping all of them in mind as we progress through the CSA season. I appreciate you sharing all your ideas with me!

Things went pretty well last week. Some of my plans got derailed when I got sick over the weekend and couldn’t do much except lie on the couch for two days, but the produce didn’t suffer too much. At this point I only have cilantro and garlic scapes left from last week. Although I never got around to roasting the garlic scapes, I still plan to do so this week because they’re still in good shape. We tried a scape in a sautéed dish and didn’t really care for it so I hope that roasting will work better for us.

As for the cilantro, our fellow CSA member friends mentioned that they like to eat cilantro mixed with lime juice on top of reheated leftover chicken. I’m going to give that a try this week.

The spinach went into a lot of different dishes and, somewhat surprisingly, was just about gone by the beginning of this week. (Just in time, too, so I could make room for the two bags we got this week!) I made spinach chips in my dehydrator with the bag of loose spinach. The larger spinach went into sautéed vegetable dishes, usually just spinach plus garlic but also once spinach with green onions, mushrooms, and garlic scapes, which was surprisingly delicious. I’ll have to make that one again – I think it has better texture than just a pile of cooked spinach.

The rhubarb went into a yummy almond flour crisp with frozen blueberries, cherries, and strawberries. I was quite pleased with this as I’ve been very intimidated by rhubarb in the past.

I used the lettuce for a few simple green salads. I don’t generally care for green leaf lettuce but this head was pretty good. I’m really surprised we didn’t get any more lettuce this week – usually that’s a staple of the early season here.

The green onions were added to a couple of peanut sauce stir-fries and a sautéed spinach dish. There’s something weird about these onions, though – the middle part, in between the white bulb and the dark green hollow parts, is really tough. The dark green and white parts cook up just fine, but the middle part doesn’t seem to soften even when cooked thoroughly. It makes for dishes that are texturally unappealing, so I think I’ll just be tossing the middle part for a while unless they appear to be softer.

I used nearly all the parsley to make a parsley citrus sauce for a fish and vegetable dinner. It was all right but not great. Since we have no shortage of parsley in sight I will probably try it again at some point.

Plans for This Week

Spinach: Sautéed side dishes, juice. I feel like I’m getting better at using the spinach, as long as I remember to turn to it instead of other vegetables.

Snow peas: Peanut sauce stir-fries, sautéed side dish. Snow peas are so easy to use – hardly any prep work and easy to throw in with sautéed veggies. We’ve already eaten most of the bag – they’re really yummy!

Beets: Beet kvass or roasted beets. I should sauté the greens, too, although I’m really just not that fond of them. Maybe we’ll put them in juice.

Rhubarb: Probably another fruit crisp, although I’m not sure we’re ready for another so soon. Anyone else have ideas for using rhubarb in grain-free, low added sugar recipes?

Green onions: Sautéed veggie side dishes

Green garlic: Same way I would use “normal” garlic. It’s so much softer, though, which is weird! And does anyone know whether you’re supposed to eat the tops or only the bulb?

Cilantro: Over chicken as I mentioned above, as well as in a cilantro pesto that I’m going to try on top of fish.

Parsley: In juice. I might also try slipping some into pasta sauce. I’m guessing the flavor is not as intense when cooked?

Garlic scapes: There were only two in the box this week, so I will probably just roast them with the ones from last week.

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Any fellow CSA-ers out there? What did you get in your box this week?


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6 Responses to Our CSA Box: Week 2

  1. Sam says:

    Parsley and Spinach together make a great pesto–the parsley just adds a little kick. As far as rhubarb goes, it makes a great savory sauce–it’s difficult to do with extremely low sugar because it’s so tart, but you can do it with minimal sugar. With the green garlic it all depends on how woody the green part has gotten. I generally treat it like a leek and use just the light green part.

    My CSA box was a little light this week because of a huge storm the day before our pick up that damaged some crops.

  2. Amy says:

    This looks wonderful. I am on week 7 of my CSA. I’ve already dragged out my dehydrator and started putting some aside for winter.

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