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Update on My Food/Wellness Goals for January-March

When I wrote about my food/wellness goals for January through March I promised to do an update at the end of March to share how my goal implementation went. So, here goes.


My goal was to juice four times per week. I failed miserably on this one. Since I wrote that earlier post I have juiced a grand total of ONE time. Apparently I have a big mental block against juicing. I don’t mind actually drinking the juice, but I hate the prepping and cleaning up.

My mental block was not helped by the fact that the one time I actually did make some juice, I happened to then come down with three days of terrible stomach aches. I’m pretty sure that those stomach aches were actually the result of my new egg intolerance, not any fault of the juice, but I suppose the juice is suffering from guilt by association. One of these days I will give it another chance.

Detox Baths

My goal was to take four detox baths per week. I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing quite well at implementing this goal. I’ve lapsed a bit in the last few weeks, but for the most part I’ve been achieving (or nearly achieving) my goal every week. I’m quite pleased with myself on this one. I still often don’t like the idea of taking a detox bath, but once you get in the water it’s usually quite nice to soak for twenty minutes while watching something on Netflix. 🙂

Install shower filter

This goal was another big fat fail. If nothing else these resolutions have reemphasized the fact that I have a lot of trouble with follow-through. I can tell myself that something is important, but actually getting myself to do that thing is another matter entirely.

As time went on and I still hadn’t installed the shower filter, I eventually rationalized that it would be silly to install it when I’d just have to take it down again when we moved in April. Lame excuse? Probably. I’m just going to table this one for now, though. It’s going back on the to-do list as soon as we’re settled into our new place.

Liver capsules

My goal was to attempt to make liver capsules as explained in this tutorial from the Coconut Mama. Upon reflection, I decided to deliberately wait to implement this goal. When I was reading more about drying liver, many people noted that it smells horrible so be sure to have plenty of ventilation around your dehydrator or, better yet, put the dehydrator outside. Unfortunately, neither of these options is achievable in our current living situation. In the hopes of avoiding a smelly apartment I’ve decided to wait to attempt this until after we move. The new place has much better ventilation as well as a balcony that I could even stick the dehydrator on if I’m so inclined.


My goal was to get into the habit of brewing kombucha regularly. I’m happy to say that I’ve had complete success on this front. I’ve been brewing two gallons of kombucha about every four weeks, which seems to be the amount of time it requires to become unsweet.  If I can find more space for brewing in our new place I may bump that up by one or two gallons per month, as I don’t think this is quite enough to ensure a continuous supply, even though we haven’t yet gotten into the habit of drinking it regularly.

Try a new vegetable ferment

My goal was to try to a new vegetable ferment, as we mostly eat sauerkraut, pickles, and beet kvass. As I expected, I ended up trying to make ginger carrots. I think I put too much salt in, though, because when we tasted the carrots after the prescribed amount of fermenting time they still tasted extremely salty and not very fermented. I let them go for a while but they kept tasting salty and unfermented. Eventually I forgot about them and they molded. So points for effort on this one but my execution was somewhat lacking.

I think my problem was that I used too few carrots. Although I packed then into the measuring cup, after I’d pounded them and packed them into the mason jar they did not fill nearly as much of the jar as I was expecting. I think perhaps next time I will pound and pack them first and then try adding the salt based on the finished volume.

(Are any of you skilled at making ginger carrots? Please share your tips with me!)

Herbal infusions

Steeping an herbal infusion

My goal was to try making herbal infusions, as described in this post from Cheeseslave. Since then I’ve made herbal infusions several times. I’m happy to report that they’re very simple to make. I do have some trouble remembering to drink them, though, even though I find my mix of nettles and red raspberry leaf quite tasty. I’m going to try to become better at making and drinking them regularly, as I keep reading about how nutritious nettles are!


My goal was to get back to exercising regularly. I did not succeed at this. I could give you a lot of excuses but really I just didn’t make the time or set aside the energy for it. I’m not sure when I will feel up to making it a big priority but I’m continuing to keep that goal in mind.

Reflections and my resolutions for April through June

I think I was a bit too ambitious in coming up with this first batch of resolutions. I didn’t succeed quite as much as I would like. Still, I think it’s good to have goals, even if I did place some of those goals somewhat out of reach. This just means that there’s more to strive for in the future. 🙂

For my goals for April through June, I’m going to “renew” all of the January-March goals that I didn’t succeed in implementing this time. I’m hoping this will be a more manageable amount of things to focus on.

As far as adding new goals, the only thing I want to pursue is to develop a regular cleaning routine. I know that housecleaning is not exactly a food/wellness goal, but personally having my home be messy most of the time stresses me out and that can’t be good for my wellbeing. I’m terrible at staying on top of regular cleaning/organizing but I really want to establish new habits in our new place.

This post is part of Fat Tuesday, Traditional Tuesdays and Simple Lives Thursday.

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Are you sticking to them or have some been abandoned? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!  

GAPS for Beginners Series: Detox Baths

Image by Fleur Suijten

Detoxification is an important part of the GAPS program. In addition to reducing the amount of toxins we encounter daily, while on GAPS we also need to remove old toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. Detox baths are one method of assisting detoxification.

Detox baths help draw out toxins through the skin. To achieve detoxification you need to add a detox aid to your bath, such as apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts, sea salts or baking soda. 1 cup of the detox aid is usually a good amount, although feel free to experiment to see what’s right for you.…