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Save Time with Bulk Cooking: The Grain Free Freezer Cooking Guide from Health, Home and Happiness

Cooking real food for the last three years has forced me to develop some strategies for saving time and energy in my kitchen. One of my best strategies is cooking in bulk and cooking for my freezer. When I take extra time to prepare a lot of food at once, I get to enjoy several days of easy meals and snacks, perfect for those times when I don’t have time to cook or even just don’t feel like being in the kitchen.

Getting started in bulk cooking was really challenging for me, though, which is why I’m so happy to share a new e-book on this topic, the Grain Free Freezer Cooking Guide from Cara Faus at Health, Home and Happiness. I’ve just finished reading through the guide and I have to say that it’s a great resource for anyone wanting to save time and sanity while eating real foods.

The guide is full of the types of recipes that have kept me coming back to Cara’s blog for the past three years: simple, tasty, easy-to-follow recipes that can be made by anyone. I also love how many practical tips are scattered throughout the e-book. While normally I have to make a recipe several times before I figure out the best way to achieve those extra niceties like ideal storage and reducing my use of dishes, Cara shares her best “been there, done that” tips so you can benefit from her experience.

Here are a few other great features of the Freezer Cooking Guide:

  • Rather than requiring one long ten to twelve hour cooking day, there are five sections that take two to three hours each so bulk cooking can be spread out over a weekend, a week of nap times, evenings, or however fits in your schedule.
  • Small kitchen-friendly.
  • Print-out re-heating instructions easily attach to your frozen meals to remind anyone how to reheat the meal.
  • Serving instructions and side dish suggestions are printed on the heating instructions.
  • Dairy-free options for all meals.
  • Index of recipes included
  • Shopping list included

Who Needs the Grain Free Freezer Cooking Guide?

The Freezer Cooking Guide was developed as part of Cara’s grain-free meal plan service, so all of the recipes are grain-free and suitable for the GAPS diet or SCD diet. This is an awesome resource for anyone on a grain-free diet. While I think getting started in bulk cooking can be difficult for everyone, it’s particularly difficult if you’re grain-free because most other bulk cooking guides utilize a lot of grains in their menus. This guide is the exception.

If you’re not grain-free, this e-book is still a fantastic resource for anyone seeking to streamline their time preparing real food. Most of the meals will be enjoyed by grain-free and grain-eating families alike, as the guide is full of tasty recipes like taco salad, roasted chicken, meatballs, yogurt, caramelized onions, squash fries, and roasted vegetables.

Get Your Copy of the Grain Free Freezer Cooking Guide

Click here to purchase or read more about the Grain Free Freezer Cooking Guide (only $18!).  Best of luck to you in all your bulk cooking!

GAPS for Beginners Series: The GAPS Introduction Diet

This is the last scheduled post in my GAPS for Beginners Series. I may, however, add more posts at a later date if I think they’re warranted. Is there anything I’ve missed that you’d like me to cover? Or do you have any other questions? I’m happy to answer.

Today I want to spend a little bit of time talking about the GAPS introduction diet. (Or intro, for short.) I’ve left this until the end because I feel that reading about the introduction diet can be really overwhelming when you’re first learning about GAPS. The prospect of doing the introduction diet may even be enough to keep you from doing GAPS altogether.…

GAPS for Beginners Series: Dairy

I briefly mentioned dairy in my post about modifying your diet for GAPS. I think it deserves a bit more attention, however, since dairy can be a confusing part of the GAPS protocol. Unlike grains and starches, whether or not you can eat dairy depends on how it’s been produced – specifically whether or not it’s been fermented. To complicate matters further, that fermentation process must be competed for a set amount of time, depending on the type of dairy product in question.


The reason that only some dairy products are allowed on GAPS is because of lactose content.…

GAPS for Beginners Series: Juicing

Like detox baths, juicing also helps detoxify the body and is thus an integral part of the GAPS program. Juicing is beneficial because juices are fiber-free, meaning that your body is able to absorb the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables much more quickly than normal. Juicing also provides a concentrated source of nutrients, since you can consume far more fruits and veggies in juice form than you would ever be able to eat whole. We do, of course, still eat whole fruits and vegetables on GAPS, but juicing provides the body with an additional source of nourishment.

My Experience with Juicing

I have to admit that I have not been very good at juicing regularly.…

GAPS for Beginners Series: Detox Baths

Image by Fleur Suijten

Detoxification is an important part of the GAPS program. In addition to reducing the amount of toxins we encounter daily, while on GAPS we also need to remove old toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. Detox baths are one method of assisting detoxification.

Detox baths help draw out toxins through the skin. To achieve detoxification you need to add a detox aid to your bath, such as apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts, sea salts or baking soda. 1 cup of the detox aid is usually a good amount, although feel free to experiment to see what’s right for you.…