Weekly Meal Plan: August 1-7

I haven’t written a meal plan post in a while because things have been so busy lately! I miss writing them, though, so I’m going to try to get back into posting our meal plans and updates at least intermittently.

It is still very warm here, but thankfully slightly cooler than the 100 degree heat we’d been experiencing for a while. We’ve also been getting some much needed rain. I only wish that it would rain in the afternoons rather than the evenings, as our apartment was somehow built in such a way that you can’t have the windows open when it’s raining if you don’t want the rain to come inside. Really terrible design, especially since rain is often the best time to cool down your apartment since it’s so much cooler outside! Sometimes people just don’t sweat the details. 🙁

Here’s what we’ll be eating for dinner this week:

Wednesday: Taco salad with baked salmon

Thursday: Peanut sauce stir-fry with chicken and vegetables

Friday: Crockpot roast with veggies

Saturday: Roast chicken with veggies

Sunday: Apple sausages with veggies

Monday: Chicken soup

Tuesday: Mexican-spiced crockpot roast with salad

Other News

We have enjoyed watching the Olympics the past few days. I first fell in love with the Olympics as an eight year old and since then have loved the tradition of watching every two years. Jesse and I also now have a special fondness for the summer Olympics as we got married during the 2008 Olympics and watched quite a lot of coverage during our honeymoon.  This year we’re watching gymnastics, swimming, women’s soccer and any other random events that we happen to come across, including sports that I’ve never even heard of. Like handball. Am I the only one who’s never heard of handball??

In between Olympic coverage, I’ve been doing a lot of fermenting. On Friday I made a gallon of beet kvass and a quart of fermented radishes. I haven’t tried either yet but they’re both bubbling away so I assume good things are happening.

I also started my monthly batch of kombucha. I ferment my kombucha for about four weeks to get rid of most of the sugar, but the other benefit to fermenting for a month is that I only have to deal with making it once a month, which is nice because I find the process to be kind of a pain. I probably just haven’t done it enough times yet to figure out the best system yet, but for now I’m glad to minimize the frequency.

Here’s my kombucha hanging out next to my kitchen:

Jars of kombucha

The finished jars are in the front. Since I’m still pretty new to kombucha I’ve been playing around with different flavorings. I really like strawberry so I do some of that every time. I’m also trying a batch of lemon and a batch of strawberry plus one of my frozen elderberry “syrup cubes.” Lemon is pretty good. The strawberry-elderberry batch was pretty good, too, although I think I need to add more elderberry for the flavor to really be noticeable. Right now it’s mostly just underpinning the strawberry flavor.

What’s going on in your life?  Are you fermenting anything exciting?


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  1. Janis says:

    You might try a little grated fresh ginger in the lemon kombucha – ooh, la, la!

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