Weekly Meal Plan: May 16-22

The wildly fluctuating weather continues here in Boulder. We’ve been having some hot days in the 80s, as well as cloudy or rainy days in the 50s and 60s. We’ve had a very dry spring and winter, so we really do need the rain, but it’s bizarre for things to be so different from day to day. I always have to check the weather for the next day before going to bed, as I don’t know if I should lay out shorts and a tank top or jeans and a warm sweatshirt! Thankfully our new apartment is quite well ventilated so even on the warm days we’re still staying comfortable.

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week:

Wednesday: Meatballs with veggies

Thursday: Baked hake with tomatoes, salad

Friday: Meat sauce with zucchini noodles, salad

Saturday: Steak with veggies

Sunday: Burgers with veggies

Monday: Taco salad

Tuesday: Roast with veggies

Other News

We are heartily enjoying our poultry CSA. A couple weeks ago I roasted two thighs and legs for dinner with this delicious marinade, and then this weekend we sautéed the other two legs and thighs. Sautéing is clearly not the way to go, however, as it took Jesse forever to cut all the raw meat off the leg and thigh bones before cooking. The end result was very delicious, but I don’t think we’ll be doing it again soon – at least not until Jesse comes up with a better and quicker method.

Jesse didn’t play his normal Sunday morning Frisbee games last weekend because he hurt his knee, so instead we had a fun day cooking and watching sports together. (We watched two NBA playoff games and two English Premiere League games, including the amazing Manchester City comeback, just in case you were wondering. :)) Jesse made a garlic and herb version of these biscuits and a sugar-reduced version of these brownies. I can’t eat either because eggs aren’t agreeing with me, but according to him the biscuits came out amazing while the brownies still need more tinkering. As for me, I made some coconut haystacks, which are no-bake cookies with cocoa powder, coconut and peanut butter. I’d actually forgotten they existed until a few days ago but I’m so glad I remembered – they’re delicious!

We’ve run low on some staples around here, so I’ll be spending some time making peanut butter, yogurt and chicken broth over the next few days.

What have you been cooking?


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4 Responses to Weekly Meal Plan: May 16-22

  1. taryn says:

    Frisbee in boulder?! Your husband must be wicked! Hope his knee feels better soon.

  2. Meghan says:

    Lol. No need to apologize. 🙂 I’m from California. I don’t think people say wicked there, although I have heard it from my East coast relatives. I was actually mostly wondering whether Boulder had some reputation as a crazy good frisbee city. We only moved here four years ago so I’m still not very knowledgeable about a lot of local stuff.

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