Weekly Meal Plan: May 9-15

I seem to have stalled out on the unpacking. I’m mostly down to the “miscellaneous” stuff that I don’t really know what to do with. Now that I’ve put away most of the stuff that we use regularly (like clothes and kitchen accessories), getting to the rest of our stuff just isn’t so pressing. But really, the fact that our dining room table is completely covered with unpacked miscellanea is getting ridiculous. I shall just have to power through and find places for all those things! Or, perhaps, get rid of some more stuff… I have been a good friend to Goodwill lately. 🙂

While neglecting the dining room table I have managed to mostly set up the kitchen. I love our kitchen!  I reorganized our spices yesterday and now we have four distinct work areas in the kitchen. Four work areas! And I’m pretty sure that none of them blocks access to the fridge or dishwasher, which was always a problem in our old place. Ahhh…

Here are the dinners that I’ll be cooking in our awesome kitchen this week:

Wednesday: Tuna on salad

Thursday: Meatballs with veggies

Friday: Baked hake with veggies

Saturday: Pesto beef and veggie skillet with salad

Sunday: Sautéed chicken legs/thighs with veggies

Monday: Roast with veggies

Tuesday: Taco salad

Other News

We were planning on planting our mint and lettuce last weekend, but on Friday I discovered what I’m pretty sure are two wasp or yellow jacket nests out on the balcony. Due to a couple of traumatic childhood experiences involving yellow jackets I am deathly afraid of yellow jackets/wasps/related species, so no gardening will be happening on the balcony until maintenance comes to get rid of the nests. I’m hoping that it’s soon because I really do want to start growing!

We had our first poultry CSA pickup last Thursday. It was really simple and easy and we even got to meet the farmer in charge. Every month I will be getting three whole chickens, a four pound pack of legs and thighs, and a “soup pack,” which is a mix of chicken backs, necks and feet. I’ve already cooked one whole chicken, half of the legs and thighs and part of my soup pack. I made broth with the whole chicken and part of the soup pack, and guess what? My broth gelled! It never does that so I was quite excited. Those feet really are magical – I think I only put in three but that was enough to make my broth gelatinous. This has happened to me in the past, too, but I haven’t used chicken feet in ages because I haven’t been able to find any pastured ones. It will be so nice having them regularly for a while. I do, however, still say “eww” when I see them floating in the pot…

The other big improvement around here is that I now have my own retractable clothesline. I’ve had two clothes racks for ages but they’ve never been big enough to dry our sheets so I’ve always had to use the dryer for those. Since I use the shared laundry room it costs me $1.25 every time I use the dryer, so now that we’re in a bigger place I thought I’d try to rig up some more drying space for bigger things like sheets. So, last weekend Jesse and a friend installed a retractable clothesline in our second bedroom. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but I think that it will work well. Hopefully the new clothesline plus my old racks will give me enough space that I won’t have to give any more money to the laundry room dryers. We’re also planning on buying a washer during the Memorial Day sales, so soon enough I should be completely free of the shared laundry room. I am super excited about this. I hate having to go outside to do my laundry, especially when it’s 20 degrees and snowing.

How’s your food/natural life going?


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2 Responses to Weekly Meal Plan: May 9-15

  1. Hey Meghan! I’ve never heard of a chicken CSA. How does the price compare to supermarket? Also, with so much chicken coming in a month, I’m surprised to see it on your menu only once this week. What else do you do with it?

    • Meghan says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Victoria. 🙂 I haven’t bought supermarket chicken in a long time, but I’m guessing this is a lot more expensive. It is pastured chicken (although not organic) and I’m paying a little more than $3.00/lb. for whole chickens. Here in Colorado, that’s on the lower end for typical prices I see for pastured chicken.

      We eat a lot of chicken for lunch. I make soup for nearly all our lunches and most of the time I use chicken in my soups. We’re grain-free (and I’m also egg-free at the moment, unfortunately) so we go through a lot of meat!

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