Family picture 5.2015 with borderI’m Meghan Slocum, the author of Whole Natural Life. My husband Jesse and I live in Mountain View, CA, with our daughter Keira, born in August 2013. We’ve been eating traditional, real foods since 2010, which, combined with some time on the GAPS diet, has brought us significant health improvements. We love raw milk, grass-fed/pastured meats, tons of healthy fats like butter and coconut oil, and plenty of fruits and vegetables (local when we can get them!).

Along with eating real food, I’ve also been endeavoring to live a more natural life by eliminating disposable products and removing toxins from my home. I honestly don’t strive to be perfect–as there are some modern conveniences that I’m just not willing to give up!–but I’ve made a lot of strides in minimizing our use of commercial products that hurt both us and the planet.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!