Lemon Coconut Fat Bombs

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Making the super yummy coconut berry fat bombs made me want to play around with other ways of enjoying coconut oil. I love lemon, so the next thing that sprang to mind was lemon coconut fat bombs. They did not disappoint!

If you like lemon, you absolutely must give these a try. Tart and flavorful, these are another delicious way to get in your daily coconut oil.

Notes on the Recipe

I use refined coconut oil in this recipe. Although you may assume that refined oils are automatically bad for you, this is not the case when it comes to coconut oil.

The benefits of coconut oil are mostly about the fat, and refined coconut oil has the same fatty acid composition as virgin coconut oil. While I do use virgin coconut oil in some of my recipes, I like using refined coconut here because refined coconut oil does not taste like coconut, and I personally don’t care for the strong taste of coconut unless it’s countered by an equally strong flavor such as chocolate or mint.

So, although these are lemon coconut fat bombs, they do not taste like coconut. (So feel free to serve them to your coconut-hating friends and relatives! :)) If you do want your fat bombs to taste coconutty, however, feel free to use virgin coconut oil instead of refined.

One more note about coconut oil: not all refined coconut oils are the same. Make sure you buy a high-quality coconut oil that doesn’t use chemicals during the extraction process. I personally purchase this brand through my food co-op.

I like tart lemony flavors, so this recipe is rather sour (although not overwhelmingly so). If you prefer your lemon treats sweeter you can easily add extra honey to taste before cooling in the freezer.

 Read This if You’re New to Coconut Oil!

I wouldn’t eat more than one or two of these at once (at least starting out), as eating too much coconut oil all at once can cause intestinal upset. (Something I’ve experienced firsthand.)

How much is too much seems to vary from person to person, so I recommend experimenting gradually if you don’t yet know your own tolerance level.

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Recommended Products:

Food processor: You can make this recipe in a blender, but I find that it’s much easier to use a food processor because the clean-up is easier. I use this food processor.

Silicone chocolate molds: For optimal aesthetics, I recommend using silicone chocolate molds for this recipe. Here are the molds I used in the photo above. More recently I purchased this set of molds, which is more economical but just as high-quality, as far as I can tell. If you really get into making your own coconut oil bites, I highly recommend owning a small collection of silicone molds–they make the process very easy, plus they’re cute!

 Candy Molds & Ice Cube Trays – Hearts, Stars & Shells – Silicone Chocolate


(If you don’t care what the finished product looks like, you can also just use a cutting board, or other flat surface, lined with parchment paper. You’ll have to let your fat bombs cool in the fridge a bit first, so they’ll be solid enough to drop onto the parchment paper.)

Lemon Coconut Delights
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  • 1 cup refined coconut oil (see note above)
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons lemon zest (about one medium lemon's worth)
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice (about one medium lemon's worth)
  • 2 tablespoons raw honey


  1. Gently melt about half of the coconut oil on the stove.
  2. While the oil is melting, zest your lemon. Add the zest to your food processor.
  3. Use a reamer to juice your lemon, then add lemon juice (minus any seeds) to your food processor.
  4. Add melted and unmelted coconut oil to your food processor, then add the honey.
  5. Process until all ingredients are evenly mixed.
  6. Scoop finished mixture into molds. If you don't have/don't want to use molds, you can also let mixture firm up in the refrigerator for a while, then spoon out morsels onto a parchment-paper lined surface such as a cutting board.
  7. Put molds or parchment paper-lined surface into the freezer to firm up the fat bombs. After half an hour or so, or whenever they have become solid, remove from the molds/parchment paper and store in a container in your freezer. Enjoy whenever you feel like you need (or want!) some coconut oil.


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62 Responses to Lemon Coconut Fat Bombs

  1. Michele Trotman says:
    Hello, I wanted to suggest that you could use many of Young Livings Therapeutic grade essential oils in your recipes. They are pure and of food grade making them safe for ingesting. This would add a more concentrated nutritional value to them. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Lauren says:
    These look delicious! I have been eating a lot of coconut oil lately, and I swear it's helping me with my energy and mood. I will be trying these tonight! :-)
  3. Cynthia L. says:
    Interesting recipe. I will have to give it a try. I think I need to read more about the health benefits of coconut oil. Thanks for sharing. I found your page from the Natural Living Monday Link up. Cynthia
  4. Shawna says:
    These sound good. Why do you put the ingredients in a food processor instead of just mixing them? I understand why you do for your berry ones to get the fruit blended in well. With the lemon, is the food processor step necessary? Thanks
    • Hmm. I have not tried it without the food processor so can't say for sure, but I think that you're right that you could just do it by hand. I guess I just don't really like hand mixing, but it would probably work for this recipe.
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  6. Angela says:
    What a tasty way to get some healthy coconut oil in. Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday!
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  8. Is there a reason why you use refined coconut oil rather than unrefined? These look fantastic. :)
    • Nevermind I just saw you addressed that! I skipped ahead at first. Thanks. :)
    • Yes, there is. :) As I mention above in the post, I don't really care for the taste of unrefined coconut oil unless countered by an equally strong flavor like chocolate or mint. Refined coconut oil is tasteless (but nearly as good for you) so the lemon flavor really shines. If you enjoy a strong coconut flavor, though, feel free to substitute unrefined in the recipe. I hope they turn out well for you!
  9. Laura Mehrley says:
    I had trouble with the coconut separating from the lemon. It seemed like all the lemon sunk to the bottom and the coconut oil rose so it was like eating straight coconut oil. Any suggestions about what I did wrong?
    • Hmm...did you let the mixture sit out for a while before pouring it into your molds? Or perhaps your mixutre was too liquid so the lemon didn't really emulsify? I haven't had this happen to me, so I'm not totally sure what went wrong in your case, but you might experiment with keeping the mixture thicker and pouring it into the molds right away.
      • Susan Wheeler says:
        This happened to me as well. I think living in the south it was a bit liquid. Try putting it in the fridge for just a bit so the oil is not so watery, mix and then add to molds.
  10. All of your coconut candies look amazing. Now I am craving these. Thanks ;) You were featured on Natural Living Monday! Thanks for sharing. I am excited to see what you have to share this week :)
  11. Ooh, tried your berry candies today (what my 2 year old called them) and I hope to try these tomorrow!
  12. Sandie Bell says:
    Hi - I love the Chocolate Coconut Butter Bites, so want to try this recipe as well. Can you make these using the unsweetened shredded coconut the same way as in the Chocolate Coconut Butter Bites?
    • Sandie, in theory you could use the same method to make these as you did for the chocolate coconut butter bites. I have never tried it, so I can't comment on exactly how well it will work, but I'd think it would be worth a try. You'll probably have to play around with the amount of lemon juice, zest and sweetener to get the taste right, because the shredded coconut will be a much more dominant flavor than the unrefined coconut oil that's in the original recipe. If you give it a try, let us know how it turned out for you!
  13. Theresa J says:
    These sound great and easy to make. I am hoping that I can sub in my Vita-mix for blending rather than the food processor. I suppose these kind of melt as you eat them?
  14. simone says:
    hi there, really keen to give these a try...I live in the UK, and was wondering what 1 cup coconut oil converts to in grams or ml/oz? as I believe the cup measurements are different over here...1 cup here is 250ml. Would appreciate it, if you could clarify for me please, thanks alot!
    • Simone, I'm afraid I have no idea. I'm guessing a Google search would turn up some useful answers for you, though. Good luck!
    • Dee says:
      Search "Convert cups to grams" (or other conversions), and conversion sites appear. Choose one, and enter the recipe amount and voila! your converted amount appears. {:-)
  15. Dina says:
    I tried without food processor as one reviewer asked about and discovered why you do need the food processor even though zest and juice don't need it - you cannot mix the oil with the honey juice mixture without the food processor - it will separate with tasteless oil going up to the top in the molds and honey-lemon part will stay at the bottom. So don't skip the food processor!
  16. Dee says:
    Use only organic lemons for zest as ordinary lemon rinds are infused with a pesticide.
  17. Lisa says:
    What would happen if I used extra virgin coconut oil instead of expeller pressed?
    • As I wrote above in the post, the only difference would be that these would taste very coconutty. If that doesn't bother you then there's no problem with using virgin coconut oil.
  18. Adrianne says:
    They turned out yummy. I used the bullet mixer and it worked great. The key is to only melt half of the oil or the ingredients will not stay incorporated.
  19. Oh Lardy says:
    I have a warm kitchen, so all of my coconut oils are totally liquid. Would you recommend firming it up a bit before mixing it in the food processor?
    • Hmm. Yeah, I think that would be advisable. If the oils are too liquid, some people have had issues with the lemon juice and zest settling to the bottom rather than being evenly mixed in.
  20. Elizabeth says:
    Would you happen to have a carb count per delight? Thank you xoxo
  21. Brittani says:
    I tried mixing these by hand and melted my coconut oil too much, causing mine to seperate. Definitely weren't the same! Just thought I would share with others out there!
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  24. Ashley says:
    How many does this make? Thanks
  25. Laura says:
    Can you use grass-fed gelatin to make these gummies so you can store them at room temperature?
    • Virginia Limon says:
      I'm curious if anyone has tried this yet.
      • Hi Virginia, You can definitely make lemon gummies, but I wouldn't use this recipe. The bulk of this recipe is the coconut oil, and it wouldn't work to just replace that with gelatin. There are a ton of gummy recipes online, though, so I'm sure you can find something that would work. :) I have a strawberry lemon gummy recipe here if you're interested: http://wholenaturallife.com/strawberry-lemon-gelatin-snacks/
  26. ellen says:
    Have you tried these with gelatin? It might make them more stable and lessen the need for oil and you could eat more of them!
  27. Ronda says:
    Yumm. I made these with half coconut oil and half coconut butter. I also added a little organic lemon flavor. Thank you!
  28. Mirza says:
    This is the recipe that I should definitly try.
  29. Jann says:
    Where do you get all your cute little molds?
    • From Amazon. :) I bought those particular molds several years ago and can't find them anymore, but here's a link to some that I bought recently and liked: http://amzn.to/29mpVw1
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  31. Julie says:
    Do you melt the coconut oil to measure it out?
  32. Jules says:
    Do you have the nutritional information for these listed somewhere??
  33. Lisa says:
    Can you convert to grams? I did and hope I'm right
  34. Sharon says:
    Hi, I can't use honey, can I use powdered Stevia as a suitable substitute?
  35. Dixon says:
    All recipes that are essentially oil and water, like this, benefit greatly from adding a little lecithin to the wet ingredients before blending in the oil.
  36. Julia says:
    I blended about 20 blueberries into this, then poured into an ice cube tray, then let my toddler sprinkle more blueberries on top of each one. They turned out pink which she loved and had a cool blueberry layer on one side! Wish i could post a pic, they are so pretty!

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