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The Best Coconut Oil Fudge Recipe

Coconut oil fudge | Clean eating fudge | Healthy fudge | Paleo fudge

This easy coconut oil fudge is a variation on my dairy-free fudge made with cocoa butter. Personally I love the extra chocolaty richness that you get when you use cocoa butter, but I know not everyone wants to track down that somewhat unfamiliar ingredient. So I decided to come up with a coconut oil version.

This coconut oil fudge is great! It’s still dairy-free, but unlike the cocoa butter fudge it’s also rich in coconut flavor. If you’re looking for another way to add coconut oil to your diet, this healthy fudge should be on your must-try list.

If you don’t like the flavor of coconut, you can try using refined coconut oil instead of virgin coconut oil.…

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Strawberry chocolate chip ice cream | Healthy strawberry ice cream recipe | Coconut ice cream | Dairy-free strawberry ice cream

If I had to call myself an expert in something, I think it would have to be coconut ice cream. Since I stopped eating commercial ice cream 6 or so years ago, I’ve probably made hundreds of batches of coconut ice cream. If you’ve been around the blog for long, you’ve probably seen some these recipes, like cinnamon ice cream, chocolate chip and raspberry coconut ice cream, chocolate mint coconut ice cream, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Today I want to share a recipe for one of our new standbys: strawberry chocolate chip ice cream.

I pretty much took the strawberry ice cream recipe from my coconut e-book and added my homemade chocolate chips.…

Mint Chocolate Fudge

Healthy mint chocolate fudgeAfter making several batches of my dairy-free fudge, I decided to do what I usually end up trying with most chocolate recipes: see if I can make a mint version. 🙂 Unsurprisingly, the results were fantastic. This mint chocolate fudge is easy to make and super delicious. Like the original recipe, it’s also dairy-free, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened with honey.

Do you like chocolate mint? Do you like fudge? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, definitely try this recipe. It has the same amazing fudgy texture as my original recipe, with an extra minty kick to pair with its rich chocolate flavor.…

Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream (Dairy-free, GAPS, Paleo)

Coconut ice cream | Dairy-free ice cream | Paleo ice cream | Easy ice cream

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that we’re a little (okay a lot) obsessed with coconut ice cream. So, when I say that we have a new favorite ice cream that really means a lot.

What’s our new favorite? Chocolate chip and raspberry coconut ice cream. This ice cream is soooo good! I’ve made raspberry coconut ice cream before, (recipe in my e-book), but this time I decided to leave the raspberries intact rather than blending them up. And then I added chocolate chips, because that usually makes everything better.

If you think raspberries and chocolate make a killer combination, you’ve got to try this ice cream.…

Lemon Strawberry Kombucha

Kombucha second ferment | Kombucha flavors | DIY kombucha | Homemade kombucha recipe

Time for another kombucha post! So far I’ve shared strawberry kombucha and raspberry kombucha. Today I’m sharing another one of our favorites: lemon strawberry kombucha.

Lemon strawberry kombucha is delightfully flavorful and tangy. Like all kombucha recipes, lemon strawberry kombucha is an easy and tasty way to add extra probiotics to your diet. While you can buy kombucha at the store, making your own is a fantastic way to save money without much effort on your part.

I use Meyer lemons in this recipe because we have a Meyer lemon tree in our backyard. I’m sure that you could substitute a Eureka lemon, although the resulting flavor may be a bit different.…