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Food Storage in Small Spaces

We currently live in a 600 square foot apartment. Despite this rather severe space limitation, I’ve managed to store quite a bit of food in our home. This is a huge advantage, as having adequate space for food storage allows you to save money by buying in bulk and taking advantage of sales. I also find that having a lot of food on hand just makes life easier because I don’t have to restock my supplies often and mostly only shop for produce from week to week.

Although there’s no getting around the fact that food storage is easier when you have a lot of space, large scale food storage can still be done in small dwellings.…

I Love Azure Standard

If you’ve been eating real food for long, one thing you’ve probably discovered is that it usually takes many different food sources to fill your real foods kitchen. While I try to buy much of our food locally, I’ve found Azure Standard to be an excellent resource for many whole food staples.

One of my pre-GAPS Azure orders

Azure Standard is a food co-op based out of Dufur, Oregon. They deliver orders by truck to drop points ranging from the West Coast to states as far east as Missouri. To order, you join an existing drop point or establish your own drop point if you have enough people to make the $550 order minimum each month.…