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Real Food and Green Living Items at Costco

Real Food & Natural Living Items at CostcoI haven’t written about Costco for a while, so I thought it was time for another post on what I like to buy at Costco. Although 95% of the food items at Costco are things that I would never buy, they do have a big enough selection of high-quality gems to make it worth my time and money to be a Costco member.

Why Costco?

I am a big proponent of local food. I’ve love to buy most of our food locally, but that’s just not realistic or practical for us right now. Finding great deals on quality food at Costco allows me to put more money into those things that I really, really value, like raw milk, local grass-fed beef, local pastured chicken and pork, pastured eggs, and organic CSA produce (in the summer and early fall).…

Virgin Coconut Oil, Grass-fed Butter and Extra Virgin Olive Oil: My Awesome Costco Trip

I’ve written a couple of posts about shopping at Costco. (See real food finds at Costco and wild fish at Costco.) Yesterday, however, Jesse and I had such a great Costco trip that I need to revisit the subject again. If you, too, are a Costco member, I greatly hope that your local Costco also carries the bounty that I just discovered at mine. If not, I’d consider suggesting that they start carrying some of these products. 🙂

Grass-fed Butter

When we entered the dairy aisle, this wonderful sight greeted us:

Beautiful Kerrygold butter

Our local Costco (in Superior, Colorado) hasn’t had Kerrygold butter in nearly a year, so suffice it to say I was EXTREMELY excited about this.…

Frozen Wild Fish at Costco!

Although Jesse and I have been shopping at our local Costco for nearly four years now, from time to time I still manage to stumble upon items that I had no idea Costco sold. While I’m sure this is partly due to the fact that Costco periodically adds new inventory, I also seem to have just failed to fully wade through the depths of Costco’s offerings. What can I say – Costco is a big place!

Anyway, my newest discovery is Costco’s frozen fish section. I’ve bought fresh fish at Costco many times, but I’d never examined the frozen fish section until Melissa from Dyno-mom mentioned that she buys frozen wild hake at Costco.…

How I Buy Dairy (Since I Can’t Afford All Raw, Grass-fed)

I think dairy is a complicated part of the traditional foods world. On the surface it seems easy: we should eat raw, grass-fed dairy. In reality, however, I’m sure that many people (including me!) struggle with affording and accessing exclusively raw, grass-fed dairy products.

One solution would be to avoid all dairy that is not raw and grass-fed. Jesse and I love dairy too much to go that route, however, so I’ve arrived at a more moderate approach. I buy some raw, grass-fed milk, some grass-fed, pasteurized products, and some products that are partly grain-fed and partly grass-fed. Here’s a breakdown on how I make my purchases.…

Real Food Finds at Costco

One of the ways that I save money on real food is by shopping at my local Costco. Although I initially wondered whether it would be worth it to maintain our Costco membership as we were beginning to transition to real foods, I have found that Costco is an excellent source for certain real food and natural living items. We visit Costco once a month or so and usually spend around $80 at a time. (More if we are buying a lot of butter!)

Here are the items that I purchase at the Costco in Superior, Colorado. I would guess that some of these offerings may vary depending on your location.…