My Coconut E-Book is Here!!

So I haven’t blogged in a really long time. I’ve been taking care of Keira full-time since she was born in August, which hasn’t left a lot of time for blogging. Instead of writing posts I decided to put all of my available time into working on my coconut e-book–and I’m so excited to tell you that it is finally done!!

Crazy for Coconut: 45+ Simple Recipes to Add More Coconut Oil to Your Diet

Have you been wanting to add more coconut oil to your diet, but can’t stomach the thought of just eating it straight by the spoonful?

Crazy for CoconutNeither can I, which is why I spent the last year writing Crazy for Coconut, my new PDF e-book featuring coconut-rich recipes to help you easily add more coconut oil to your diet–without sacrificing your tastebuds!

You get 46 fantastic recipes for:

  • Coconut oil chocolates
  • Fruity coconut oil bites
  • Coconut ice creams
  • Coconut butter breads and bars
  • Coconut cookies
  • Coconut puddings

All recipes are gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free.

All recipes are simple and easy to make. While I’d love to tell you that I’m some sort of fancy cook, that’s just not true. If a recipe isn’t simple to pull together, I’m not making it (this is even doubly true now that I have an infant!). So you can be assured that the recipes in this e-book will be easy to fit into your busy life.

Click here to order your copy!

Let me give you a glimpse of a few of my favorite recipes:

Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Cinnamon Coconut Ice Cream

Blueberry Coconut Delights

Coconut Butter Brownies

Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream

Right now I’m running a special 33% off sale to celebrate Crazy for Coconut‘s launch. Don’t wait to get your copy!

Crazy for Coconut

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2 Responses to My Coconut E-Book is Here!!

  1. Tina says:
    Can you tell me, do things that are made with coconut flour fast really coconut y? I'm not a lover of the taste but would love to try out the recipes
    • Are you asking about recipes in the e-book? None of the recipes use coconut flour. (My goal was to develop recipes that had significant amounts of coconut oil, and coconut flour is mostly fat-free.) Some of the recipes in the e-book do not taste like coconut, or allow you to substitute refined coconut oil if the recipe calls for virgin coconut oil, so the resulting dish doesn't taste like coconut. Recipes that use coconut milk or coconut butter will have at least some coconut flavor, though, as there's no way to get around the coconut taste in those ingredients. I just reread that you asked if they're "really coconut y," though...personally I think the coconut flavor in most of the recipes is pretty mild, but I don't dislike the flavor so it's hard to say if you would be bothered by it.

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