How to Cut Onions Without Crying (Super Easy Tip!!)

How to cut an onion without crying | How to cut onions without crying

My eyes are very sensitive to onions. When you cook nearly all of your meals from scratch–many of which include onions–this can be a big problem. Since I started following this one tip, though, onions no longer make me cry. Want to learn how to cut an onion without crying?


Have you heard of these? My mom bought them for me eight years ago as a joke, but they really work! I use them EVERY time I cut an onion. No more tears or pain. I own this pair and I love them soooooo much.

I’m sure it sounds like a weird concept, and yes they look a little silly. But that is totally worth it in order to avoid the pain and crying that used to happen to me every time I would cut onions.

How to Cut an Onion Without Crying

My pair has received regular use for the last eight years and they are still going strong. They look a little worse for wear, thanks to a former baby-turned-toddler who gnawed on them a couple times, but they still work. 🙂 When they do finally bite the dust, I will replace them in a second. We try to keep our home paired down to those things that we really need, and onion goggles are definitely on that list for me.

What about you–do onions make you cry? Got any easy tips to share?


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  1. Rose says:
    Yes I have a tip put the onions in the refrigerator a day before you need them. No more tears

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