My New Glass Water (Kefir) Bottle: The Solution to Water Kefir Transport Woes

Possibly I’m the only one who has this problem. But in case there are any other sufferers out there, I want to share what’s working for me.

I love water kefir. On the days that I work away from home, I like to bring a few cups of water kefir with me so I can drink it during the day. I have always carried my water kefir in a quart jar topped with a white plastic lid. Unfortunately this did not work particularly well. No matter what I did, in transit the kefir would inevitably splash around and leak out of the jar. My cloth lunch bag and many of my containers of food would get wet and sticky. Eventually I decided that the water kefir was just not worth the hassle so I sadly gave up bringing it anywhere.

(I don’t have this problem with milk kefir. I bring milk kefir in jars out with me all the time and I’ve never had it leak. I think because it’s so much thicker than water kefir it just doesn’t have an easy time squeezing into the space between the jar and the lid.)

I complained to Jesse about my water kefir transport troubles. Unbeknownst to me he did some research and decided that this glass water bottle was the solution. So, he gave it to me for my birthday. (Isn’t he nice?)

We were gone for long time for the holidays so I didn’t get a chance to try out the bottle for a while. But now that I have I am completely loving it! I’ve been using it for the last couple weeks and it hasn’t leaked at all. It’s easy to carry, unscrew and drink out of. Since it’s made of glass I have no worries about it reacting with the water kefir. It’s also cute, which is a nice bonus. 🙂

The other day I made my first set of herbal infusions and the water bottle is working well for toting them around, too. I really have to come up with another solution for them, though, as I still want to take my water kefir with me. Hmm…

Do you have beverage transport issues? What’s worked for you? (Or maybe I’m just weird in this area?)


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5 Responses to My New Glass Water (Kefir) Bottle: The Solution to Water Kefir Transport Woes

  1. Janis says:
    I tried lots of options for carrying a serving of kombucha with me, and... same problem. Even if it NEVER tipped, it would ooze out into the car's cup holder. (Maybe because it is slightly fizzy.) I finally found a 6-oz. glass bottle with a narrow neck and a tight screw lid ( I think it held some condiment originally), and it works! Yours is much cooler, though.
  2. Michelle says:
    Can you please pass on the brand name of the water bottle?
  3. Karli says:
    I have the exact same problem with my kefir water and no matter what I wrap it in or get a tighter jar it still finds a way to ooze out of the jar. Going to try this one!!! Do you fill it all the way up though?
  4. Bob J says:
    I use swing top beverage bottles, such as Grolsh beer bottles, or you will find european style lemonades in them, make sure they are make to hold carbonated beverages and not just thin walled decorative ones for vinegar etc. Because the kefir will continue to ferment in the bottle and build up pressure, always hold a firm pressure with one hand and slowly release the pressure.

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