Family Update: May 2014

Meghan and Keira Now that I’ve finished my coconut e-book, I want to try to get back to blogging regularly again. Since I haven’t written much since last summer, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into how things are going in our home life.

Keira will be nine months old on May 14th. I kind of can’t believe that she’s that old–but simultaneously can’t believe that she’s not older! (Those first four months seemed to last for soooooo long.) 🙂 She’s generally a happy baby, although evenings in particular have been challenging for the last few weeks. She loves hanging out outside, riding on Jesse’s shoulders, visiting any public place where she gets to look at people, and chewing on anything and everything.

Keira on balcony

Jesse and I are both doing well. I’m feeling pretty good, especially since I’ve been clocking nine hour nights during much of the past few weeks, which means that I’ve finally started paying back the massive sleep debt I accumulated after Keira’s birth. The weather has been mostly nice the past few weeks, so we’ve been able to take a lot of walks and spend time just sitting outside.

Jesse’s working hard on finishing up his PhD thesis so that he can graduate soon. Hopefully this will happen in August or September, because we are really looking forward to moving out of state as soon as he’s done. I don’t remember if I’ve talked about moving at all, but basically I am so done with Colorado. I’m so glad that we were able to live in Boulder for the last almost six years, but I know that it’s just not the right place for us long-term. I don’t like the weather (it’s too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer), we really want a longer growing season, and we’d really like to live closer to our families. So, we’re hoping to move to somewhere on the West Coast in the next few months. (Moving is contingent on finding a job there,  so please cross your fingers for us!)Keira and Jesse

Although I’m really looking forward to settling somewhere else soon, I’m also really excited about the next few months here in Colorado–because it is finally almost good food season! Local produce is pretty much nonexistent here from about October to the end of May, so by February or so I am so ready to be done with buying all of our fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. At this point I am counting the days until our CSA starts up. (It’s May 22nd, in case you were wondering. :))

We are also really excited about our garden this year. Since we may not be here for the entire growing season, we’re not planting as many things as last year. We’ll be doing sugar snap peas, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, and green beans. I also have some lettuce and cilantro in pots on our balcony. It will be interesting to see how things do this year. Last year our zucchini was insanely prolific and we got quite a few tomatoes. I wasn’t paying much attention to the garden last year, so I’m looking forward to being more involved this summer. Keira on Jesse's shoulders

Okay, tell me what’s going on in your life! What are you looking forward to?



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2 Responses to Family Update: May 2014

  1. Janis says:
    Terrific pictures! You all look great in the great outdoors! I'm currently wildly excited about getting the results of my soil test and working out amendments to balance minerals in my garden. (I should get the report from the lab today or tomorrow, and I'm checking my email every few minutes.)
  2. Karen says:
    Keira's so adorable! Possibly you've already moved by now since I'm reading this post several months after you wrote it, but good luck if you haven't yet. =X

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