One Month Garden Update

It’s been one month since we planted the bulk of our container garden! Let me fill you in on how things have been going. First, this is what the main area of our garden looked like after we planted everything a month ago:

Here’s what it looks like now:

As you can see there’s been quite a bit of growth! I didn’t actually realize that it was quite this dramatic. Seeing everything every day like I do makes it harder to tell. 🙂

That whole front row is basil. I think we have just about every option covered as far as how all the plants are doing. Some of the basil is getting really big, like this one:

Others are looking healthy but not really growing much yet:

This one, however, is looking very sad and dejected:

I don’t think the picture really does it justice but that basil plant has been looking sad for weeks now. It’s droopy, wilted and never seems to grow. I really don’t know what’s going on with it. I’m just glad that we planted a lot of basil; as long as several of the plants grow well it’s not a big deal if some are duds.

The other basil plant that looks sad is the one in the gardening sock:

I can’t say that I’m really surprised, though, given how I treated it to get it into the sock. What’s surprising is that it’s lasted so long! It only started looking like this in the last few days; before that it wasn’t growing but still seemed to be doing okay.

The other plants in that first picture are, of course, tomatoes and peppers. Unlike the basil, I don’t have anything to compare the tomatoes and peppers to, but as far as I can tell it seems like they’re all growing well. Both tomato plants  have had flowers for a while now, and the cherry tomato even has some tiny tomatoes!

Last time I posted the chard was suffering from some sort of infection. We went ahead and pulled off all the affected leaves (which was  most of them!). It looked pretty pathetic for a few days but since then it has really come back with a vengeance. I think it looks so pretty now!

And lastly, my peppermint is getting bigger and bigger. For comparison, here’s what it looked like a month ago:

And here’s what it looks like now:

I’m guessing it’s big enough that I should start using the leaves for something soon.

I’m also super excited to start eating some of our basil. I haven’t tasted any yet, but whenever we pull off the tiny about-to-flower leaves (no idea what those are called) they smell AMAZING!

How’s your garden doing?


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6 Responses to One Month Garden Update

  1. Janis says:
    It's lovely! My basil (grown from seed indoors) got completely mowed by snails, so I replanted from seed (outdoors) last week, and have NOTHING to see or smell yet. Hmph!
  2. Leola says:
    Yay! It looks great, Meghan! I've been gardening since I was 9 years old, and my family sometimes accuses me of having two green thumbs. But I still have a lot to learn! I might suggest moving the two basil plants that look droopy to different pots and see if that helps. Just observing your picture seems to show the basil might prefer a hard plastic pot. Keep up the good work! Blessings, Leola
    • Meghan says:
      Thanks for stopping by, Leola! That's an interesting observation about the hard plastic pots. I hadn't thought of that. I appreciate your suggestions. I'm inclined to let everything continue as is for now, though, since we were actually experimenting to see what types of pots seemed to work best for basil and I want to see how everything turns out in the end. But you're right, at least right now it certainly seems like plastic is winning over smart pots!
  3. Amazing the difference in size in just a month--you're doing a great job with all the plants! My basil looks not good at the moment, because slugs got in and chomped on some of the leaves--hopefully it will spring back soon.

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