Holiday Gift Ideas for the Real Foodies/Natural Living Enthusiasts in Your Life

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If not, have I got some ideas for you! Here’s a great list of gift ideas for the real foodies and natural living enthusiasts in your life. This is making me wish I had more of these type of people on my shopping list—then I’d actually know what to get everyone this year! Unfortunately, my dad does not go in for things like chocolate molds and glass containers. 🙂

Rösle Garlic Press

I absolutely love my Rösle garlic press. If you’ve used many garlic presses, you’ve probably noticed that most have a serious flaw: after you press the garlic, much of it gets stuck down around the prongs of the press and is nearly impossible to remove. This same obstacle translates into a very difficult cleaning experience when it’s time to wash the press. I hate these kinds of garlic presses so much that I almost always opt to chop the garlic by hand rather than pressing.

The Rösle garlic press, however, transcends all of the aforementioned problems because you press the garlic against a flat panel. This section swings out of the press so that you can easily scrape all of the pressed garlic into your recipe. Naturally this also means that the garlic press is extremely easy to clean. We go through a lot of garlic here so I really can’t imagine being without my garlic press.

The price for the Rösle garlic press is substantially higher than other standard presses—but if you’re giving it to someone who routinely cooks with garlic, I honestly believe it’s worth every penny.

Onion Goggles

Do you know anyone likes cooking with onions but always cries when cutting them? Buy them some onion goggles! My mom and sister got these for me a few years ago as a joke—but they totally work! My eyes are horribly sensitive to onion fumes (to the point that I can often feel it when someone else is cutting an onion), but when I wear these onion goggles I don’t cry or feel any pain. I use them nearly every day because we cook with onions so much here—for me, they truly are one of my most valuable tools in the kitchen.

Ice Cream Maker

I love my ice cream maker. When we first got it as a wedding present four years ago, we enjoyed using it to save money by making our own ice cream rather than buying high-quality ice cream from the store. These days I am so grateful for it because it allows me to still eat ice cream while on GAPS. Owning an ice cream maker means you have complete control over your ingredients, so you can customize your ice cream to be allergy-free or include super nourishing ingredients like raw dairy and egg yolks.

I have an older version of this Cuisinart ice cream maker, which we have been very happy with.

Canning Funnel  

Although described as a “canning funnel,” this is really just a good wide-mouth, all-purpose funnel. I use mine at least once a day. It’s great for straining milk kefir and water kefir, straining teas or herbal infusions, and filling glass jars with soup or broth. I’m actually thinking about getting a second one, as I hate having to wash it when I’m in the middle of a cooking groove.

Glass Water Bottle

This glass water bottle is awesome. While I used to use a stainless steel water bottle, I eventually switched to this bottle because I got so tired of my stainless steel water bottle leaking all over the place. This bottle does not leak! This makes it an excellent option for transporting water kefir or kombucha as well as water. I used to try to bring kombucha or water kefir to work with me in mason jars, but inevitably they would slosh around during travel and leak out the lid, making everything in my lunch bag wet and slightly sticky. That does not happen with this water bottle.

SKOY Cloths 

Have you heard of SKOY cloths? They’re reusable, biodegradable cloths that are like a cross between a sponge and a paper towel. Like paper towels, they are very absorbent—but they can be washed and reused many, many times before they wear out. I have a few of these and absolutely love them for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. These would be a great gift for anyone trying to get away from paper towels and other disposables.

Silicone Chocolate Molds 

Anyone who wants to make pretty homemade mint chocolates, coconut berry delights, or chocolate coconut butter bites will love some of these Silikomart silicone chocolate molds. We used to make our chocolates and the like in glass pans, but using these chocolate molds makes the process so much easier and much less messy.

I have the flowers, pralines, and roses, but I see that Amazon now offers a ton of different choices, from more standard options like vertigo, imperial, and hearts, to more whimsical designs like dinosaurs, robots, and stars/bells/presents.

Glass Storage Containers

These glass storage containers would be a perfect gift for anyone seeking to get away from plastic food containers. We actually have two sets of these because we like them so much. While mason jars are great for certain applications, personally I find that it’s also really nice to have a variety of different shaped containers for storing leftovers—particularly if you also want to eat out of that container while away from home.

I bought these at Costco, so I don’t know whether this price from Amazon is the best you could find.

DIY Organic Beauty E-Book 

The Mommypotamus’ new DIY Organic Beauty is a wonderful gift for anyone interested in making their own natural body care products. Or, buy it for yourself so you can make natural body care items to give away as gifts! The book includes a ton of great gift recipes, such as mint chocolate body butter, homemade tallow soap, homemade lotion bars, bath bombs, salt scrubs, and lip balms. (For more info, see my review here.)

What gift ideas do you have? Please share in the comments!  


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  1. Rachel says:
    I have that glassware from Costco. I am not sure if I like it or not, because I can only get all the snaps to shut about half the time. The other day my husband looked in the fridge and was like, why don't you ever shut the glassware all the way? Well husband, I can't because I am physically incapable of it! But they don't leak, which is good, and they were a good price. I would buy more of them, I just need bigger muscles! If I cooked with onions more I would so buy those onion goggles! I am the most sensitive person ever about onion fumes. When someone fries onions I can be across the house and my eyes start stinging and watering! I tend to use onion powder to avoid this.
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