Real Food Link Love: October 2012

Welcome to my monthly link love post, in which I share posts from other real food bloggers that I enjoyed over the last month. If you’ve come across any wonderful posts yourself, please do share them in the comments—there’s so much good stuff out there that I just can’t keep up with all of it on my own!

I’m so happy it’s butternut squash season here in Colorado. I usually roast butternut squash in my oven, but this crock pot butternut squash recipe looks like a great alternative for when you’re busy or need to use your oven for something else.

Speaking of squash, this dairy-free pumpkin fudge recipe looks amazing. I love pumpkin but would never have thought of turning it into fudge. Brilliant!

I struggle with hormonal issues, so I was interested to read how eating raw carrots can work as a PMS remedy. I will have to give this a try.

I enjoyed reading Jacquelyn’s post about her experience with elimination communication. I don’t have kids yet so I can’t say I’ve tried it, but I’m certainly intrigued…

If plums are still in season where you live, try this recipe for homemade plum butter and/or plum fruit leathers. I’m thinking we should order a preserving share of plums from our CSA next year so I can actually try them out!

If you struggle with low body temperature, check out Emily’s post on how to raise body temperature. By eating a tablespoon of coconut oil a day she raised her body temperature by a whole degree in less than a week! I’ll add that to my list of reasons to eat more coconut oil. 🙂

Do you wear mascara? Robin’s recipe for homemade mascara looks awesome. It’s totally natural—and I’d be willing to bet that it’s a lot less expensive than buying high-quality commercial mascara.

Finally, check out this real food survival guide for working moms. Even if you’re not a working mom (I’m not), I think this is great advice for anyone looking to fit real food into a limited time budget.

What great posts have you discovered this month?


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  1. Thank you for the link back!
  2. Thanks for the link back. Lovely post. :)
  3. ooh, some neat blogs I've not yet found-thanks!
  4. Thanks for the link back! I just found your "how to make peppermint extract" post on Pinterest and I can't wait to give it a try this week!

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