Life Update; or, Where I’ve Been Since December

Big news here at Whole Natural Life: I’m pregnant!

Since I disappeared without any warning two plus months ago, this may not be a big surprise to some of you. 🙂 It was certainly not the most elegant way to take a blogging break, but around week 5 of my pregnancy I rapidly started losing my ability to deal with anything other than absolute essentials, so blogging just had to take a backseat for a while.

After a rough first trimester, I’m now almost to week 15 and happy to say that I’m feeling dramatically better most of the time. So, I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging regularly. I won’t promise any sort of particular frequency—since I still have my bad days, and even on good days I need to rest more than normal—but I do plan on writing regularly. I’m sorry for taking off so abruptly in December, but I hope you can all understand—and are willing to rejoin me now that I’m feeling more like my old self again.

In GAPS News

In other news, I have mostly transitioned off of the GAPS diet. I’d slowly started reintroducing some non-GAPS foods back in the fall, but since Christmas I dramatically accelerated the process since pregnancy food aversions suddenly made most of my old GAPS standbys (namely meat and vegetables) completely revolting to me. Had I not been feeling so sick and food-averse, I would’ve preferred to reintroduce foods more slowly, but thankfully I haven’t noticed any obvious ill effects so I feel hopeful that no harm has been done.

I am still continuing to avoid gluten, eggs, and lactose. Based on my experiences both before and during GAPS, I do think that I have some lactose intolerance, so I may end up avoiding lactose long-term. Thankfully I am completely fine with aged cheeses and my homemade yogurt and kefir, but I won’t be experimenting with fresh cheeses anytime soon. Most of the time I am fine with this, although lately I have been really craving a bagel with cream cheese so I can’t say that I don’t sometimes wish lactose and I got along better.

What Do You Want to See at Whole Natural Life?

It’s very strange to come back to blogging after a long absence. I have a few post ideas, but not nearly as many as you might think after a two month break. So, let me ask you: is there anything that you’d like me to write about here? What posts have you really enjoyed in the past? Please share in the comments. Thanks so much!


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27 Responses to Life Update; or, Where I’ve Been Since December

  1. Congratulations Megan, you were missed! I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your advice to extend cooking time for my soup stock. I had my most recent batch simmering for four hours and my kids called the result Chicken Jelly it was so concentrated. I put a photo up on my FBI page to share. I apologize for any errors. I am typing on my phone and there's a big Share button blocking my view of what I am writing. I'd like to see more great recipes and tips about living intentionally, now with baby on board!!
    • Thanks, Kirsten. And that is so great about your chicken stock! Isn't seeing it gel a great feeling? One of those funny unexpected things--before we started eating real foods, I never would've thought that chicken stock would make me feel so accomplished. :)
  2. reb says:
    Congratulations! :)
  3. Sonya says:
    Hi Meghan, Congratulations! I've only just begun reading your blog,so I don't have any suggestions for you except on the cream cheese. My daughters love GAPS yoghurt, strained overnight to remove the whey, and then add some sea salt and/or herbs to the more solid yogurt which has the consistency of cream cheese. We use it as a cream cheese substitute and they love it! If you are OK with the yoghurt it may work for you instead of traditional cream cheese. I look forward to reading your blog further. I've just finished the intro to GAPS and am more or less on full GAPS. Cheers! Sonya
  4. Taryn says:
    Congratulations! I am so sorry to hear that you had a rough first trimester. I am pregnant as well (23 weeks tomorrow) and I had a really hard first half, and am finally getting back to healthy eating. Kudos to you for staying healthy through the tough parts! I can't wait to see how this pregnancy progresses with your natural influence.
    • Thanks, Taryn. And congrats on your pregnancy, too! I'm glad you're feeling better. I can't say I'm exactly back to my normal healthy eating yet (as some old favorites are still totally really gross to me), but I'm hoping that all of that will clear up in time...
  5. Cheryl says:
    Congratulations! I had been wondering what had happened to you! I always enjoy your blog. Take care of yourself and the baby and the everything else will be taken care of in due course.
  6. Susan says:
    So glad to hear your happy news, Meghan. I had really wondered what happened to you and missed your regular blogs. Now that Grant Family Farms is no longer around, I am wondering if you might have found another CSA that will serve your needs? Much happiness to you.
  7. Janis says:
    So glad you're back! I've missed you tremendously. How about some posts about your garden plans?
  8. Congratulations Meghan! I had a rough first trimester too with both of my pregnancies ... I doubt I would have been doing any blogging either :-)
    • Thanks for sharing, Kathy. It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one. Sometimes I felt like such a freak for feeling bad most of the time... It is so nice to be feeling more like myself!
  9. Congratulations! How exciting! Let me know if there is any way I can help you. :) Babies are fun but completely different than what we expect, even when we read all the books, of which I can recommend many ;) Feel free to hit me up. Also, there is keifer cream cheese at sprouts! I am sure you could make your own. So exciting! Congratulations again. Take your time and rest while you still can because that chance won't be around after the little one is born for a long long time. ;)
    • Thanks for your kind words, Amanda. Any words of wisdom for a first-timer? Or any books that you'd particularly recommend? I haven't done much reading yet because I'm trying to avoid my tendency to over-research (and then make myself crazy with information overload), but I'm open to a few hand-picked suggestions. Thanks. :)
      • Words of wisdom... Don't worry too much and trust your body to do what it needs to do. Don't get all the crap they say you need. All you need those first few months are boobs, diapers and clothes. Are you still in boulder? If so and you still need a provider check out Boulder Nurse Midwives. As for books... I think every mother should read the book published by the La Leche League "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding". Breastfeeding may be natural but it isn't always easy. This book has so much great, not scary, info on what normal baby behavior is, what normal pain is, what positions to nurse baby in if the typical cradle hold doesn't work for you (it didn't for me with my first) and what to do if you have sore nipples or mastitis or a naggy MIL. It is a great book. Let me go down stairs and dig through my pregnancy books. There are two I know I loved but I can't remember the titles right now... If I don't come back and comment tonight remind me. :) And if you want to get tea or chat some times catch me on FB and get my #. I would be glad to listen if you need a more naturally/nutritionally minded friend :)
  10. Michele says:
    For your next newsletters, I would be interested in a healthy bread recipe for bread machine. I have tried sprouted wheat, soaked flour but nothing worked for me. With all the problems related to wheat is there a way to limit the wheat and add other ingredients? Thank you, Michele
    • Thanks for the suggestion, Michele. Unfortunately I don't have a bread machine so I can't help you with that one. Maybe see if you can find a good sourdough bread machine recipe?
  11. Sarah says:
    Congratulations Meghan!!! That is wonderful news. I have been following your blog for some time, and I was wondering if you were okay. I am glad to hear that is only good news. Also, congratulations on coming off the GAPS diet. I have been on it for 11 months, and it is hard to be patient and not "cheat" with potatoes, cream or milk. Those are the things I miss the most! Anyway, take it easy if you are able to :)
  12. alina says:
    Congrats, very happy for you. that's great neeewws
  13. jamie says:
    Congratulations on the pregnancy Meghan! I enjoyed being pregnant so much and hopefully it will get better for you so you can enjoy it too! I just found your blog a few days ago while searching for GAPS info and recipes! So glad I did too!

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